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BWG Bavarian Watch

BWG Bavaria 2018 Royal Slate Black Sport

BWG Bavaria 2018 Royal Slate Black Sport

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Bavaria 2018 German made premium quartz watch with a Swiss heart

This top-quality quartz timepiece adds flair to the watch world. Constructed for rugged sports yet designed in a stylish and modern way, it effortlessly blends opposites. The sporty dial captivates with its exceptional readability and surprises with intricate details. Additionally, a hidden tachymeter inside the Rehaut allows for precise measurements of quantity and speed. Not just a three-dimensional extension of the dial the rehaut also serve as a functional element. The meticulously hand-polished edges, alternating brushed surfaces and hand-polished facets create a striking contrast. This level of craftsmanship is not achievable by machines, which is why each Bavaria 2018 watch is a true work of art. To ensure the highest level of comfort and safety, every watch comes with a specially designed sports strap made from medical-grade silicone. With a quick-release mechanism, it can be easily interchanged with other straps from the BWG collection without any tools.

  • six variants - for your individual style
  • unique awarded design - only available here
  • robust construction - for everyday use
  • true premium watch experience - lasts for generations
  • easy to change straps - for every occasion

Shipping takes usually 3-4 days in EU and UK. International shippings takes usually not longer than 10 days.


  • Free Shipping in EU and UK
  • 15 £ for all other countries

Materials and Manufacturing

  • stainless steel case 316L polished and brushed by hand
  • scratch resistant sapphire crystal
  • brass dial with Swiss varnish precision printed
  • Bavaroise hands brass rhodium plated or with blue varnish
  • strap medical silicone anti allergic and steel 316L bucket.


  • 8,5 mm thickness
  • 20 mm lug width
  • 49,9 lug to lug
  • 40,2 mm diameter
  • 42,9 mm width with crown

BWG BAVARIA dimensions


Care Instructions

Don't care too much.
Our watches are made for using, not caring:)
Clean with soft cloth or brush. Assure the crown is closed you can use normal soap and a little amount of water. Let dry.

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Handmade in Germany

In order to offer the highest quality at reasonable prices, we have distributed production to various specialists within a radius of 300 km around Munich.
Munich is the creative center and the source of inspiration for our designs. This is where the development and design of the watches takes place.
In many industries it is common to work with a flat production hierarchy. This means that specialized subcontractors deliver higher quality at lower prices than a company that manufactures everything on its own.
We have found the best in the industry for you in order to offer you a watch "made in Germany" of the highest possible quality at a reasonable price.
We obtain the movements from Switzerland and also ensure that they are manufactured in Switzerland.
Short distances ensure that we can continue to manufacture our watches in the future, regardless of crises.

the founder and head of Design and Development of BWG Bavarian Watch Frank Giese

I had a dream

I bought my first own luxury watch at a time when I just had no money. I have been disappointed with the watches I have owned so far, even though they cost several hundred DM. They all looked good but didn't last long. They got scratches, the color changed, the mechanics stopped working at some point or, I thought that was the worst, a small cheap part broke and was no longer available, so that the whole watch became unusable.
I therefore spent almost a year's salary on my first watch from a luxury manufacturer. I still own it to this day and I still enjoy it.
As I sat designing my first watch, I thought about how I could offer the same great feeling of joy to the buyers of my watches.
The key to this are the materials, the coordinated skillful processing and of course the well thought-out construction.
These are all things that cost a bit more and require more effort, but it's worth it.
This is the only way to create watches that will give you pleasure for a long time, that will go with you through all of life's situations and that will never let you down.
With our flat production model we can keep the prices low without affecting the quality.
This is no longer a dream - the dream became reality.

Different types of BWG Bavarian Watch Bavaria presented by brand ambassador Rayer van Ristell

Always stylish

My biggest challenge was finding a new design. The watch world has many great icons. It's difficult to find a new form. As such, there are many watches that look very similar to other more well-known brands.
But I wanted to create a watch that is different. As different as you who wear the watch.
A watch that allows you to express your style and individuality.
Well thought-out details, innovative shapes and the typographic tradition of Munich combine to create a designer piece that will never lose its validity.
My creations should be like the great role models in the watch industry, some of which date back to the 1920s and are still up to date. For the modern, style-conscious customer and timeless in the best sense of the word.

  • Why Bavarian Watches?

    Bavarian watches are unique and set a course in the luxury watch industry.

    Robust and suitable for everyday use, best materials and manufacturing plus awarded design make these watches stand out of the crowd.

  • Fast delivery - worldwide

    No matter where you live, your watch will reach you in a few days. We work with various transport companies to organize the fastest and safest transport for you.
    We will send you the tracking information immediately after the goods have left our premises, so that you always know where your watch is. Of course, your shipping is also insured.

  • Personal Service

    Are you still unsure which is the right watch for you or do you have other questions? Write to us at We answer quickly and do whatever we can.

Order and Shipping

How can I pay?

You can pay on account with all major credit cards, Apple Pay, PayPal and Klarna. If you want you can also transfer the money.

How long does the delivery take?

We usually ship on the day of the order from our warehouse in Straubing, Bavaria. Within the EU, delivery rarely takes longer than 3 days. The sending is usually with you the very next day. Even to Australia, our watches only need about 10 days.

Do you ship worldwide?

We ship everywhere, with the exception of war and crisis zones or countries that have imposed import bans on goods from the EU.

How much is the shipping?

If you live in the EU or the UK, we have good news. Shipping is free for you.
For all other areas we charge £15

Can I send the watch back?

If you don't like the watch, which we hope you don't, you can return it to us unused in the original packaging within 30 days.
If you live in the EU or the UK we will send you a return label.
If you live outside EU or UK please contact our service before sending the watch back.


Are the watches only for men?

At least the Bavaria was designed for men and women. In our opinion, our watches can be worn by anyone who likes them.

Does the watch fit me?

Our watches are designed for both small and large wrists. Usually, they look best with an arm circumference of 14.5 cm to 21.5 cm.

Are your watches waterproof?

Of course, our watches are waterproof. The "Bavaria" model has been tested up to 100m and the "Isaria" model up to 200m.

Do you have any other colors?

In principle, we can offer any dial color. If you have special requests, please keep in mind that production may take a little longer. Contact our team for custom orders.

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