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VAUND watch corner (opening March 2024)
Georgstraße 14
30159 Hannover 

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Flying Solo
419 Broome Street,
New York City

Flying Solo Broome Street NewYork City

Bahrain: (coming soon)

Bahrain City Center

Bahrain City Center Watch Store

Al Aali Mall Seef


Al Aali Mall Seef

Confused about UK Company seat?

Well many international companies have their main seat away from the production plants. There are many reasons for that. For us it was the most practicable way to start fluentless our business. Don't worry your watch is produced in Germany and Switzerland, the design and the construction is made in Munich, Bavaria and your watch will be send to you from Straubing, Bavaria.
So it is still a German made watch with a Swiss heart.
The benefits for you as our customer are: If you a a UK resident we manage the import tax for you. If you live in the EU there is no import tax, because your goods are produced in Germany, which is part of the EU.