About our mission

The brand mission

BWG Bavarian watch produces high quality watches for everyone with the special spirit of Bavaria.
Bavaria is a country of contradiction. Traditions meets innovation since centuries. For example the Bavarian King Ludwig II creator of the famous Neuschwanstein Castle, by the way the inspirational source for the castle in Disney's Cinderella.
The building as a romantic vision of a dreamer, but also full of technical innovations.
Today Munich is the city in Germany with the most high tech companies and at the same time the capital of a country with the most vivid tradition of organic agriculture.
Live and let live is a popular motto in Bavaria. It means that different opinions, way of life, genders and cultures are equally. No wonder Munich has the biggest rate of inhabitants from abroad in Germany, but the least problems.
We want to create high quality products for everyone, regardless if they are rich or poor, if they are young or old.

I personally was very disappointed as I bought my first own watch with a small budget and it turned out as real cheaply made thing. It got scratches and looked worn in short time.
I was so upset that I spent all money I had plus my first salaries of nearly one year in a Swiss luxury watch, which I still have and use today.
It was an investment for my whole life and so should all our watches be. Even if they cost less.

Why should one found a new watch company?

Many times I was asked this question. The answer is easy, I was bored by the "innovations" of established luxury brands. They all have their icons which they don't touch over years. The "sensational" new product is often a watch known for decades with a new dial colour. Not enough even new watches from other companies are often copies of the established watch designs.
For me it was also something very personal. I searched a new watch for myself and didn't find what I was searching for. But the good thing is I'm an industrial designer and I know how to create things.
To be honest it wasn't that easy. The design options are rather limited and because the watch industry is an old industry, really new designs are rare.

I learned very fast, that one single watch for one single person never pays out. So I decided to create a watch for serial production. This was the birth of my brand BWG Bavarian Watch.

I searched for and unique design and style for over one year. I made a new case with the option for different versions, new dials, new hands and new straps. The only thing I didn't want to touch was the movement. Instead I relied on the best movements you can get: Swiss movements.

I also wanted to have all production facilities near by me. Most manufacturers are in a radius of 300 km around Munich, even the paper used for our packaging comes from Bavaria. The decision was made long before the whole world discusses about re-regionalizing manufacturing processes.

This makes our production slightly more expensive, but it also helps the quality and brings back a lost production to my home. I found some manufacturers who a the last ones of their branch in Germany. I really hope with increasing my company I can help them to survive better and you as a customer so so too.

Confused about UK Company seat?

Well many international companies have their main seat away from the production plants. There are many reasons for that. For us it was the most practicable way to start fluentless our business. Don't worry your watch is produced in Germany and Switzerland, the design and the construction is made in Munich, Bavaria and your watch will be send to you from Straubing, Bavaria.
So it is still a German made watch with a Swiss heart.
The benefits for you as our customer are: If you a a UK resident we manage the import tax for you. If you live in the EU there is no import tax, because your goods are produced in Germany, which is part of the EU.